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The SSSI/SAC Commons

Together the Commons of Beeston and Sheringham comprising the SSSI consist of 24.7 hectares/61 acres of grassland, heath, marsh, fen and secondary woodland. They are administered by Sheringham Town Council (Beeston Common) and the local Poor’s and Ploughlet Charity (Sheringham Common). Both Commons are presently under the management of Natural England (Norfolk Team) although local volunteers working through the Beeston Common Management Group carry out many day-to-day tasks.


The varied habitats hold a rich biodiversity of flora and fauna. Over 400 flowering plants have been recorded including no less than 14 British orchids and varieties. With such a variety of flowers the site is attractive to butterflies and 26 species have been regularly recorded including green hairstreak, brown argus and Essex skipper.

The pond has been permanent since 1984 and no fewer that 19 species of dragonfly/damselfly have been observed. Emperor and broad-bodies chaser dragonflies are very noticeable in June/July. Kingfisher and heron are also visitors to the pond.

Adders are present as are grass snake, slow-worm and common lizard. The following pages indicate through photographs and data lists some of the extent and diversity of wild life in this area.

Common Blue