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Wet Heath

Rough Grassland

Scrub/Secondary Woodland


Much of the area termed dry heath is raised and forms small isolated hills and ridges (see map areas III, VI, VII and X). These raised areas have for the most part become completely covered with Bracken, Gorse and Birch, yet formerly Heather and Ling were present. These latter plants were reduced to relic communities along a few track edges, however, in recent years with careful management some areas are being  restored and the open mosaic of heather and acid grassland is again established. Wood sage, Bluebell and Dog Rose are also found on the edges of these areas. On hill VI the Bracken is giving way to Gorse and Birch and is completely ringed by small trees. At the SE edge Blackthorn scrub habitats occur.

The dry tracks are a favourite site for Green Tiger Beetles, grasshoppers, Small Copper butterflies, Common Lizard and the occasional Adder.

Common Lizard

Green Tiger Beetle

Small Copper