Beeston & Sheringham Commons                                              sssi/sac common frogs Mudwort

Dew Pond - north of A149

In October 2007 Sheringham Town Council restored one of the old ponds and in Spring 2008 newts and frogs had taken up residence. Up to 1939 it is likely Natterjack Toads also used these shallow ponds.

The present pond is ephemeral in nature and in July 2008 as it started to dry, a plant not seen in Norfolk since 1914 appeared, this was Mudwort Limosella aquatica and  three years later the Cavernous Crystalwort appeared - an uncommon liverwort.

The new mowing management strategy started in 2006, was revised in 2009, which saw a return to a more traditional hay meadow habitat for the part of Beeston Common north of the A149 but also gave a short-grassland area for children’s games. It is hoped that the Commons will develop a more diverse flora, which in turn will provide for more invertebrates. In 2008 a Barn Owl was  observed regularly to hunt over the long grass areas.

Barn Owl

Cavernous Crystalwort


Common Spotted Orchid