Beeston & Sheringham Commons                                              sssi/sac


[Amphibians & Reptiles

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[Butterflies and Moths





[Flowering plants


[Grasshoppers & Crickets




[Mayflies, Stoneflies & Caddisflies


[Other Arthropods

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[Alphabetical Plant Listing


To view details of the species that have been observed on the Commons click on the appropriate group.

A PDF file showing all the pages in that category will display. Some of the files have many pages to scroll down.

In addition to the systematic lists there is a simple alphabetical listing based on the scientific name for the Commons plants, which was devised by Suki Pryce with additional help from Chris Roberts (Norfolk Flora Group) and Francis Farrow (Hon. Warden).

The SSSI Commons are divided by a boundary bank and overlie two Km squares which form part of two tetrads 14R and 14Q. The grid-line lies just south of the old pill-box and where possible records are referred to the tetrad and the common eg 14R/B means that the species was recorded on Beeston Common in the northern tetrad R (Km sq TG1642).