Beeston & Sheringham Commons                                              sssi/sac


Adders are present on this Common and are generally active from March to September. If left undisturbed, i.e. If there is no attempt to pick them up or interfere with them they are not likely to cause any harm.  If you have small children or a dog with you it is  advisable to keep to the paths and to keep the dogs on the lead, especially small breeds.

NB: Adders are a protected species

Dog owner’s notes

Would all dog owners please keep dogs under close control

and pick up after them. Bins for dog waste are situated at

three places.  See dog symbol on map for locations

Visitor/Dog owner’s notes and byelaws

Adder Byelaws

Visitor Code

The Commons are a protected habitat -  A Special Site of Scientific Interest (SSSI) and  part of the Norfolk Valley Fens Special Area of Conservation (SAC). When visiting the area please abide by the byelaws and follow the simple code below:

LEAVE nothing but footprints

  TAKE nothing but photographs

 KILL nothing but time