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Wet Heath

Dry Heath

Rough Grassland

Scrub/Secondary Woodland


Carr is essentially a wet woodland and Alder, Birch and Willows are present in the carr-type habitat, which is found mainly along the SW edge of the Commons. Marsh Marigold, Equisetums and, in the drier areas, Wood Sanicle and Buckler Ferns occur. The Alder and Birch are significant in that Redpolls and Siskins congregate after the seeds and warblers and tits seek the insects, which abound in such places. Typical of this habitat are the collapsed trees that then continue to grow often creating an impenetrable ‘jungle’.

Speckled Wood butterflies are often seen in these areas where they seek out shafts of sunlight. It is also home to the Kidney-spot Ladybird and many species of fungi such as the Blushing Bracket.

Speckled Wood

Blushing Bracket

Great Horsetail