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Wet Heath

Dry Heath

Rough Grassland



The scrub areas occur generally on the edge of hill VI and consist mainly of Blackthorn with Elder and Rowen. Two Blackthorn thickets are old enough to have gained local names. They are 'Devils' Wood' on the SE side of hill VI and 'Bullfinches Paradise' which lies on the SW  corner of the hill. These areas were once favourite sites for Turtle Doves and of course Bullfinches. The lack of light penetration to the floor of the thickets limits the variety of plants, however, Dog's Mercury, Sorrel and Dog Violets can be found. The woodland is really small clumps of semi-mature trees such as Sycamore, Ash and Oak that are found along the southern boundary. Elm also used to be present in greater numbers before the spread of Dutch Elm disease. They are favourite places for Grey Squirrels, Blackcaps and Tree Creepers. The main ground flora  includes Wild Garlic, Foxglove, Bluebell, Yellow Archangel, Wood Anemone and Red Campion.

The woodland edge attracts many insects including hoverflies, moths and butterflies such as the Comma and Brimstone.


Yellow Archangel

Grey Squirrel